Dubai Municipality – Public access to online services

Access to Information


Dubai Municipality (DM) publishes and shares information through the DM portal.  Information ranges from publication of relevant news flashes, articles, events, projects and announcements.  In addition to such generic information, Dubai Municipality has published an online directory of services that can be accessed through the DM portal.  Dubai Municipality also provides a facility whereby users can register to receive emails (news letters) of specific content posted on the DM portal.


All information published through the DM portal and any service classified by Dubai Municipality as an informational service (for instance, public transportation information) can be accessed by any user – there is no specific requirement for a user id/password if you are only interested in accessing the information published by Dubai Municipality.



Access to Transactional Services


Dubai Municipality provides some transactional services for the public.  Some of these transactional services can only be used if you are a registered and authorised user of the DM online services.  In order to register as a public user, please follow the steps outlined below:


1.      Access the public Dubai Municipality portal (

2.      Click on the button “Register Now” which can be found in the “login” area in the left hand side of the home page

3.      Select the option “Apply for public user registration”

4.      Complete and submit the online registration form and select the services that you wish to have access to as per the instructions provided online

5.      Dubai Municipality will send an email to the email account that you provided in the registration form with your user id and password

6.      Log on to your eServices by entering the user id and password provided to you in the “login” area

7.      Change the default password provided to you by Dubai Municipality to one which you can remember using the “User Management” link under the “My eServices”.


Please read our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions for using the Dubai Municipality portal’s online services.